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What Does a Commercial Real Estate Transactions Lawyer Do?

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When engaging in commercial real estate transactions, it is crucial to have the right kind of legal advice on your side. That’s why it’s vital to understand the role of a commercial real estate transactions lawyer and what they can do to help you navigate the complexities of legal issues that arise when buying and leasing commercial property. 

What is a Commercial Real Estate Transactions Lawyer?

A commercial real estate transactions lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in handling commercial real estate transactions. This includes the purchase and sale of commercial real estate and the leasing of commercial property. Commercial real estate transactions can be complex, so it’s essential to have a lawyer who is experienced in this area to help navigate the process.

Commercial real estate lawyers handle much of the same tasks as residential real estate attorneys: they work on transactions between buyers and sellers, manage title difficulties, examine contracts, and deal with lenders. So, what distinguishes a commercial real estate lawyer from others?

The primary distinction between these two real estate law specialties is that commercial real estate law necessitates a depth of expertise in a few key business-specific areas. Casal & Moreno has extensive expertise assisting local businesses, developers, and property management companies with all elements of real estate law, from transactions to litigation.

Should I hire a commercial real estate transactions lawyer?

If you are considering leasing or buying commercial real estate, you may wonder if you need to hire a lawyer. It is advisable to hire a lawyer, especially if the transaction is complex or you do not have experience.

Making a real estate deal can be a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive process. Therefore, it’s important to have an experienced professional on your side who knows all the legal ins and outs of commercial real estate, such as a commercial real estate lawyer.

An experienced lawyer can help ensure that your transaction is handled the way it should be so you don’t find yourself in any legal trouble down the line. 

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Without the help of a commercial real estate lawyer, you could be left exposed to costly mistakes. Here are some key reasons to consider hiring one:

Reason #1: Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Law

Laws and regulations governing commercial real estate transactions are complex, and a lawyer can help ensure you stay in compliance. A commercial real estate lawyer can advise you on the best way to structure a deal and help negotiate favorable terms with the other party.

Reason #2:  Handle Contracts and Paperwork

Several documents are involved in negotiating and finalizing a commercial real estate transaction. An attorney is available to assist with documentation, particularly the title and signing of the contract. The real estate lawyer also helps the client understand and resolve any faults on any document. The attorney’s role is to ensure that a fair agreement is made.

The commercial real estate attorney will assist in understanding the agreement and evaluating paperwork and contracts. The builders and sellers prepare the contract agreements, and the attorney reviews them to ensure that the buyer’s rights are protected.

Reason #3: Protect Your Rights and Interests

The commercial real estate attorney safeguards the client’s interests by ensuring that the contract is fair. An attorney has a vast understanding of the industry and can fight and guarantee a fair settlement. If an agreement is not followed as promised, the attorney might be of great assistance. Even after acquiring the property, they might discuss potential difficulties, such as environmental or structural issues.

Reason #4: Save You Time

As a business owner, you may not have the time to research all of the laws of selling and purchasing a property. A commercial real estate attorney will guarantee that the task is done professionally and that the facts are examined. The business owner may then concentrate on the business rather than wasting time on contracts with which he is unfamiliar.

Reason #5: Negotiate on Your Behalf

The attorney negotiates not just when the price is too steep but also when the offer appears too good to be true. Hiring a commercial real estate attorney will also remove emotion from the equation. The attorney investigates the building, licensing, and other concerns to ensure that the deal suits you as a buyer or seller.


Commercial real estate transactions are complex and specialized, making it important for those involved to secure the services of an experienced lawyer. 
We at Casal & Moreno can provide guidance throughout each step of this complicated process. Our knowledge of local land use and zoning laws, as well as our ability to craft contract language, ensures agreement between all parties is legally sound, leaving everyone confident in their investment decisions.