Guardianship litigation and administration can take many different forms. There are plenty of situations in which you may be concerned about the guardianship and care of a loved one. Minors and elders are the two largest groups that comprise a majority of guardianship attorney cases. Often times, these cases require the knowledge of a guardianship and elder care law firm. A guardianship attorney can help.

In legal terms: A Guardianship court proceeding is where the court determines if a person is legally incapacitated. To be legally declared incapacitated means that they are unable to make medical or financial decisions for themselves. This decision is made by three court-appointed doctors who evaluate the incapacitated person. If a person is determined to be legally incapacitated, the judge appoints a guardian to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of that person.

If you are concerned about the guardianship of a loved one, there are steps you can take. We’re here to help you and provide legal counsel and guidance during this stressful time.

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