I am a Miami attorney specializing in estate planning, guardianship law and probate litigation. I make regular media appearances as an expert Miami attorney, including on WQBA La Cubanisima, Radio Caracol and Buenos Dias Miami with Tomas Garcia-Fuste on Telemiami answering questions regarding legal advice in these fields. My firm handles the planning regarding difficult times in life surrounding the passing of a loved one or concerns about guardianship of those close to you.

My clients often include:

  1. Individuals concerned about issues of guardianship, whether that be guardianship of a minor or an elder.
  2. Special needs children and incapacitated adults suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, or Autism.
  3. The families of business owners and successful entrepreneurs who have passed away without properly planning for the distribution of their estate.
  4. People of all ages who hope to manage their wealth and plan for the future of their estate and assets.

Some of the things I can help you with as a Miami attorney include:

  • Guidance and counsel during the stressful situation of facing Guardianship Court. I can help you understand what it means to have someone declared legally incapacitated and explain and explore options for guardianship with you.
  • Providing counsel on the legal options available to you if you are concerned about the current care of a loved one, whether a minor, elder or adult. As a Miami attorney, I can explain the steps that must be taken to make changes to someone’s guardianship status.
  • Execution of a Will under probate for a loved one without proper estate planning. As legal advisor to an executor, I advise on the handling of certain duties not designated by Wills or Trusts such as identification and safekeeping of the decedent’s assets and notification and payment of creditors.
  • The creation and structuring of legal documents designed to protect your estate and plan for the future of your business and family. As an estate planning attorney, I aim to help you safeguard your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out if you become incapacitated.

My law firm has helped hundreds of individuals and their families plan ahead for the future of their businesses and assets and navigate complex legal situations of all types. With my expertise, I can help you receive an inheritance from someone who didn’t set up their estate properly, handle legal processes regarding guardianship litigation, advise you on concerns regarding the care of loved ones and help your establish Wills and Trusts to ensure the future of your business is planned for.

I’m proud to cultivate an atmosphere that is both deeply knowledgeable as a Miami attorney but also very compassionate and empathetic. Most people are not aware of the consequences of not planning properly for the future of their estate. I feel compelled to spread this message so that people are prepared and do not put their family through unnecessary suffering or heartache. Despite having handled highly complex cases successfully, I aim to consistently be informative, reassuring, understanding, and business oriented with my clients.

My focus areas: Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Probate Litigation, Guardianship Administration, Guardianship Litigation Guardianship Court, Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, Execution of a Will, Wills and Trusts, Florida Probate Rules, Probate and Estate, Probate of a Will, Elder Law, Probate Court.