We are happy to cultivate a legal space that is informative and reassuring while still providing clients with the knowledgeable legal counsel they require. We aim to use our in-depth knowledge as estate attorneys and business attorneys to provide you with an approachable law experience. Our combined history of managing complex cases in wills and trusts, probate and estate cases and our work as guardianship attorneys have given us the experience to navigate a wide breadth of situations.

Get to know us better:

Our specialty is in wealth protection, both of your business and assets while you are alive and in planning to pass your wealth to your heirs in such a way that minimizes tax obligations and distributes your assets as quickly as possible. We’re here to help you with a variety of areas including:

  • starting businesses,
  • acquiring assets,
  • protecting your businesses and assets during their life,
  • and to ensure your legacy is handled the way you desire.

With our expertise, we can help you structure your estate correctly, build your business correctly, help receive an inheritance from someone who didn’t set up their estate properly or handle legal processes regarding guardianship litigation and concerns regarding the care of loved ones.

We invite you to contact us today and connect with Julian or Alejandra to discuss the specifics of your situation and begin planning for the future of your estate and family today.