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Communication is Key in Estate Planning

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The key to successful estate planning is communication from the outset. In planning, most distribute their wealth and assets equally to their heirs. Some, however, opt for unequal distribution. This typically occurs under certain circumstances such as an heir with a disability or an estranged son or daughter.

If you are opting for unequal distribution, sit down with your heirs and have an honest and open discussion. You must also prioritize sitting with your estate planning attorney and laying out your terms and wishes clearly and in writing. This prevents any issues in court should one of the heirs contest an inheritance.

An article on the Wall Street Journal on this topic lays out some situations where one may choose unequal distribution. It also discusses how you can approach this with your heirs.

If you are unsure about the path you wish to take or that best serves your needs, meet with a trusted estate planning attorney for more information. Casal & Moreno, P.A. serves clients on a variety of estate planning needs and is available to discuss your options.