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Common Excuses for Avoiding Estate Planning

Many individuals avoid meeting with an estate planning lawyer for a variety of reasons. Ranging from “I don’t own enough to worry about it” to “I don’t want to think about dying” and everything in between, it is easy for most to continuously put it off. The problem with putting it off is you can run into a long list of issues down the road. Wills trusts and estates really can’t wait.

To help you feel more at ease and prevent you from encountering many of these issues, we’re here to debunk a few of these excuses.

Why you should stop making estate planning excuses about meeting with a wills trusts and estates lawyer:

  1. You may think “it’s too expensive” but that is not true. It can be more expensive down the road if your estate ends up in probate. It is emotionally and financially costly to your loved ones if your will goes into probate.
  2. Another typical thought is “I don’t have time to do my estate planning.” The most reputable wills trusts and estates lawyer will work with your schedule, make house calls, and often handle all the work over phone or email meaning it will not take up as much of your time as it will for your loved ones if your estate ends up in probate.
  3. An all too common excuse than an estate planning lawyer hears is “I don’t own enough to create an estate.” The truth is this: simply owning a home or a small bank account or having minor children are enough reason to create an estate, just to be prepared.

These are just three of the more common reasons we often hear among clients.

If you still feel uncertain about your wills trusts and estates, contacting a trusted individual knowledgeable about the topic or a trusted estate planning lawyer are good starting points in the process.

For more common excuses, you can refer to this attorney’s blog post that inspired today’s Workshop Wednesday. And be sure to visit our website.